Rabu, 25 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday

My Last Holiday

Hello Reader

On this reading, I'm going to talk about my last holiday. It was not completely nothing, but it was not even something. I went through my holiday by playing computer game. 

I'm playing team fortress 2 with my cousin "One" aka "Alpine" aka " Alfin. Before i played it, I had to download it from Steam. I downloaded the game on an old computer that was released on 2007. So far so good, and then when I tried to play a match, It was lagging and the player that supposed to be appear was not appearing until i realized that the weapon graphic was the only thing that was rendered. I was frustrated, because i wasted about 3 to 5 hours time worth of 15 GB data ( and my life). I tried to change the graphic quality, the sound quality, checked task manager for application that overused my RAM and Processor data. NOTHING. The only thing that i thought i can fixed it was the resolution, but the only option for the resolution in the game was 1024 x 768, 768 x 1024, and 1280 x 1024. I cannot do anything. So i told my cousin i cannot play with him. The end of the day end with a sad end.

The next day was a revelation. I realized i have not changed my resolution from my computer properties. I was hoping with high enthusiastic. Click this, click that, open this, open that, and there in the game an option for 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The moment of truth was nearing. The game was generating map and everything was running and I, finally, can play. I contacted my cousin so we can play together. He received my calls, rebooted  his computer, opened steam, launched team fortress 2 and we played together. I was very happy. 

By the way, I'm new to this chaotic, online, team, FPS, type of game. In this game there is 9 class of character that we can play. 3 offense class, 3 defense class, and 3 support class. For the offense class there was Soldier, Scout, and Pyro. For the defense class there was Demolition man, Engineer, and Heavy. For the support class there was Spy, Sniper, and Medic. First time play I used Medic, because it was the easiest class. You just need to "left click and move".
But surprisingly i was the third MVP ( Most Valuable Person ) in the game. I scored 43 point. He congratulated me. It was the best day in my last holiday. 

Kamis, 15 Desember 2016

Opening Ceremony of Peparnas

I walked with about 400 boys and girls to Siliwangi Stadium. The day  was saturday and there was still a little rain. Everyone wondered what are we going in there. Nobody really know the truth. After we arrived at the front of the stadium we were stopped and got a walk around the stadium only to be the purpose of the front entrances for the other school. Well, that was better to be my story. And then we got inside and sat on the stadium seats. I did'nt really remember about the first thing that happened. If i'm not mistaken than there was an art performances. There was dance, music, self defence art, etc. 

I had a seat that really far from the performances, so i did'nt take seriously about the performances. I could not enjoy the show as much as the one that got in the front rows. There was a little rain that led astray my focus upon the show. I had to open and put my umbrella down over and over beacause of the unstable rain. And there was the time that where my vision blocked by my friend's umbrella. 

All i remembered was the start of the openinng ceremony, there was fireworks. Very beautiful because of the colour, shape, pattern, sound, and smoke. The sound was trembling and echoing because of the sound system made it like there was the biggest and most fireworks. 

The peak of the opening ceremony was amazing. It's hard to tell. It was very dramatic and epic. And then the torch was lit and there was another fireworks. As for me i was already ready to go out in case of over crowded in the way to go out. And then i went home. 


Campret, the acronym for Camping Pramuka Tiga or in english Camping for SMA 3 Scouts. It is a program only once a year and special for 10th class. Last time it is held at 10-11 Desember, saturday to sunday. I was a Committee at that day. I'm in the event division. I made the teaching materials for pioneering and rigging.

At first day everyone gathered in the school, and then there was 10 army trucks ready to pick us up. It was about 1-2 hours from our school to Kiara Payung. After we arrived there was an opening ceremony and then the participant built their tent. After that there was scout lesson.

After mid-day, there was a game contain 4 post with different games. I was placed in the last post and quite far from the camping site. I waited so long that i even got a time for a quick nap. Because the day before this eventful day i only got a sleep for about 4 hours. The sad thing was, because i was in the last post and the times runs out only 1 group that played the game. 

In the evening we had free time, while the participant had a cooking contest. At night there was supossed to be an art performances. It was raining from dusk till 9 a.m. After that the rain stopped. So we had only a brief moments of art performances until the rain came back again and turn into a big storm. Everyone scrambled into their tent and it was time to sleep, for the participant. For the committee we had other programe. There was a inauguration for the committee from penggalang into penegak. It was cool but it took a lot of our sleep time. 

The next day was the day we went home. Everyone got up early and did some exercise, cooking, and bathing. And then times to re-packed and dismantled the tent. There was a closing ceremony and then we got a walk, very long walk from our campsite to the nearest university. Luckily no one got sick and we arrived at school safely.

Senin, 28 November 2016



                    ( Source : http://www.ikasma3bdg.com/home.php )

LDKS an acronym of " Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa " or known as Basic Leadership Training. A yearly program for student in SMAN 3 Bandung. At  it was held in Rindam Siliwangi. Rindam is an acronym for " Resimen Induk Komando Daerah Militer " or known as Military District of Main Commando Regiment.In there, we learned about discipline, modern teenager, and many more. The activity last about 3 days.

The first day i arrived at 6.15 a.m. and there was already crowded. Many student brought big bag and luggage. Then we were directed into the main hall. After all the students assembled there was an opening ceremony and a few words from the rindam coordinator and our headmaster. Then we were separated  according to number (random number) that would determine the dorm that we would spent for 2 nights in there.

And then everything were much the same, got a lesson, discipline about almost everything, and got punished
(from ourselver) for every little thing that we were not discipline of. But, i must say that the lesson were very valuable because it was will be implemented in the future.

At the second night we got an election to determine our

And then there was the last day. The best day from three of those days. All of tension was very low even some of the coordinator were treated us nicely. We had a game, fun, and the most of all, the ending ceremony. Because the sleep proportion at that time was not much. When i arrived at home i just slept like how the tree get knocked out. Well that's all from me, hope you enjoy the reading (basically i just tell about the event, not every event from my perspective, and that's all.)  

Sabtu, 26 November 2016


Hello everybody! Today I'm going to advertise one of many extracurricular activities in my High School.
(note: I'm also made a video for the advertisement, link to the advertisement http://youtu.be/gTpti4vnKTg )

Do you have a spiritual problem ? (like always feel uncomfortable)
Or do you have an emotional problem ? (like can get easily mad or not patience)
Sadly i don't have the perfect answer. BUT, wait. Fortunately i have an alternative of your problen.


What is DKM?
DKM is an acronym for Dewan Keluarga Masjid. It's an extracurricular for muslim community in my school.

What can you get from DKM?
It's depends on you, but most of the people who joined DKM said that DKM will change your perspective and your mind. It's improves your skill and knowledge about islam and also friendship.


Kamis, 03 November 2016

Nasreddin " The Crowded Home "

Nasruddin " The Crowded Home "

( Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasreddin )

Nasrudin was talking to his neighbor one day, and the neighbor lamented, “I’m really having trouble fitting my family in our small house. It’s me, my wife, my three kids, and my mother-in-law-all sharing the same cottage. Mulla Nasrudin, you are a wise man. Do you have any advice for me?”
“Yes,” replied Nasrudin. “Do you have any chickens in your yard?
“I have ten,” the man replied.
“Put them in the house,” said Nasrudin.
“But Mulla,” the man remarked, “our house is already cramped as it is.”
“Just try it,” replied Nasrudin.
The man, desperate to find a solution to his spacing woes, followed Nasrudin’s advice, and paid him another visit the next day.
“Mulla,” he said, “things are even worse now. With the chickens in the house, we are even more pressed for space.”
“Now take that donkey of yours,” replied Nasrudin, “and bring it in the house.”
The man bemoaned and objected, but Nasrudin convinced him to do it.
The next day, the man, now looking more distressed than ever, came up to Nasrudin and said, “Now my home is even more crowded! Between my family, the chickens, and that donkey of mine, there is barely any room to move.”
“Well then,” said Nasrudin, “do you have any other animals in your yard?”
“Yes,” the man replied, “we have a goat.”
“OK,” said the other. “Take the goat in your house too.”
The man once again raised a fuss and seemed anything but eager to follow Nasrudin’s advice, but Nasrudin once again convinced him to put yet another animal in the house.
The next day, the man, now full of , and came up to Nasrudin and exclaimed, “My family is really upset now. Everyone is at my throat complaining about the lack of space. Your plan is making us miserable.”
“OK,” Nasrudin replied, “now take all of the animals back outside.”
So the man followed his advice, and the next day, he dropped by Nasrudin and remarked, “Mulla-your plan has worked like a charm. With all the animals out, my house is so spacious that none of us can help but being pleased and uncomplaining.”
( Source : http://www.rodneyohebsion.com/mulla-nasrudin.htm )

1. Who asked for help to Nasruddin ?
     A. Mulla
     B. His Wife
     C. His Friend
     D. His Family
     E. His Neighbor
2. What was his neighbor problem ?
     A. Lack of food
     B. Lack of money
     C. Lack of Space
     D. Lack of job
     E. All of the above
3. How many advise did Nasruddin gave ?
     A. 5
     B. 4
     C. 3
     D. 2
     E. 1
4. What happened after his neighbor took Nasruddin last advise ?
     A. Things were even worse.
     B. His neighbor look more distressed than ever.
     C. His neighbor family was really upset.
     D. His neighbor commented that Nasruddin advise was miserable 
     E.  His neighbor thank him
5. What is the moral value of the story ?
     A. Don't believe other.
     B. Sometimes you don't realize until you feel something that's even worse.
     C. Solution will come in the end.
     D. Every problem has it's own solution.
     E. Sometimes other's solution is better.

Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

It's Me

It's Me

Hello every reader, my name is Hilmi Hakim. I'm 15 years old. I live in Jl. Tubagus Ismail DPN BLK no.79 B, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I was born in Bandung at November 28th 2000. I'm a student at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. I have 2 brother, 1 older brother, and 1 younger brother.

My history started at November 28th 2000. I was born at that time. Not much that i really remember. At 2002 my mom took me to a Play Group ( PG ) in Salman Al-Farisi. I took an education in there for 2 years. And then i graduated and continue my education at TK ( Taman Kanak-Kanak ) Salman Al- Farisi. In there i learn basic thing and practice basic ability, like eat, talk properly, use a pen and pencil, and other thing. After two years i graduated and continue my education at SD Salman Al-Farisi ( Salman Al-Farisi Elementary School ). There i learn a lot of thing and had a lot of friends. I spent my time 6 years in there and had a  lot of fun. Most memory were created at that time, and school was not much of a burden. And then i took a National Exam and School Exam and i passed. 

When i was 12 years old, i continue my education at SMP Salman Al-Farisi ( Salman Al-Farisi Junior Highschool ) Life was getting a bit hard and serious. I spent 3 years learning, practicing, making friend, and other thing. I had more best friend in there and did a good event in my school,called PROSPEK or " Sepekan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat " in English a week of social dedication amongst people or helping the poor. I did that in Cikeusi, Cinangsi, Cisitu, Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia. I was very happy and felt good to help the poor. Before that a had another National Exam for Junior Highschool Student. I passed and graduated. I continue my education at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. I had been accepted by the school and granted the title of student in that school. And that was just a few days ago. And now i'm writing here for my english work. I hope you enjoy my writing and goodbye.

Source :
 - http://www.kcc.edu/campaigns/PublishingImages/poh.jpg

 - http://www.milfordmgmt.com/myplaceinnyc/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/is-it-time-to-say-goodbye-to-facebook.jpg